What will my new sign look like at night?

What will my new sign look like at night?

Having a well-designed sign is crucial to the success of your business. It’s not only important to have a sign that looks good during the day, but it’s also essential to have a sign that stands out and attracts attention at night. After all, most people are more likely to notice your sign when it’s dark outside, and a sign that is well lit and eye-catching is more likely to attract potential customers. We’ll break down some of our most popular sign types and explain how they look at night:

Internally Lit vs Externally Lit Signs

An internally lit sign, also known as an illuminated sign, will be easily visible at night due to its bright and eye-catching appearance. The sign will be made up of materials that are designed to evenly distribute light, such as translucent or opaque acrylic. The light source will be located within the sign, which will create a glowing effect that makes the letters or symbols on the sign appear to be lit from within. Depending on the design, the light source may be a series of LED lights, fluorescent lights, or neon lights.

Overall, an internally lit sign will be a highly effective way to draw attention to a business or location at night. An externally lit sign will typically feature some form of external lighting. Depending on the design, the lighting is usually provided by external lighting fixtures aimed at the sign. The lighting will be positioned to illuminate the sign face, making the text, logo or graphics on the sign visible in low-light or dark conditions. The color of the lighting used will depend on the intended effect of the sign, but it is common for signs to use bright, contrasting colors to make them stand out in the dark. An externally lit sign should be easily visible and legible in low-light conditions, drawing the attention of passersby and helping to attract customers to the business.

Digital LED Display Signs

Digital LED Display Signs are one of the most popular types of signs today, and for good reason. Digital Signs are energy efficient, bright, and can be seen from a distance, making them ideal for businesses that want to attract attention at night. Digital LED Display Signs comprise of panels of individual LED lights, which are highly customizable, and can be programmed to display different messages, graphics, and animations.

At night, LED Display Signs are particularly effective, as they can be seen from a distance and are eye-catching. If you’re looking for a sign that will help your business stand out and attract customers with customizable content, Digital Signs might be the perfect choice for you.

Push Through Letter Signs

Push Through Letter Signs are a popular type of signage that provides a professional and modern look to any storefront or building. These signs feature individual letters that are pushed through the sign face for a three-dimensional effect. At night, these signs can be illuminated with LED lights that shine through the letters, creating a vibrant and eye-catching display. The letters themselves will appear to glow against the dark backdrop of the night, providing excellent visibility for businesses and making them stand out to potential customers.

Channel Letters

Channel Letters are a popular type of sign made up of individual illuminated letters. These signs are highly customizable, and can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are three main types of Channel Letters, each giving a different effect at night:

1) Face-Lit Channel Letters

Also known as Traditional Channel Letters, these signs are typically made from durable and weather-resistant materials, such as aluminum and acrylic, and the lighting is achieved through the use of LED lights positioned inside the letters. The LEDs can be programmed to produce a range of colors, allowing businesses to create a customized and visually stunning display that can be seen from afar.


2) Reverse-Lit Channel Letters

Commonly known as Halo-Lit Letters, these signs are typically made of painted or brushed metal, and feature a clear back. Instead of being internally face-lit like traditional Channel Letters, Reverse-Lit Channel Letters are illuminated from behind, casting a soft and subtle glow around the perimeter of each letter. The effect is striking and eye-catching, giving the letters a halo-like appearance that stands out in the dark.

3) Face & Reverse Lit Combination Channel Letters

Combination Channel Letters combine both lighting aspects of the above types into one. The front face of the letters will be illuminated, typically with LEDs, providing a bright and vibrant display of the business name or logo. The back of the letters will also be lit, creating a halo glow effect that adds depth and dimension to the sign. The combination of front and back lighting creates a striking contrast, making the sign easily readable and highly visible even in dimly lit surroundings. The overall effect is a sleek and modern look that attracts attention and effectively communicates the business’s brand and message to potential customers.


A well-lit and captivating sign has the potential to draw the attention of passersby, thereby increasing the likelihood of attracting potential customers. By carefully considering the various sign types and their appearance during nighttime, businesses can ensure that their signs are optimized to maximize visibility and impact. Investing in a well-designed sign that stands out both during the day and at night can significantly contribute to the overall success of a business by enhancing its visibility and attracting the attention of a wider audience. If you need help deciding which type of sign is right for your business, email the Sign Experts at sales@ajsigns.com today!

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